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Dr. Suresha R. N

Dr. Suresha R.N. (MBBS. MD - Pharmacology) is the Head of Department and Professor of Pharmacology in JSS Medical College, Mysore. Dr Suresha is a practicing physician for almost 22 years. He is an academician with close to 18 years teaching experience in Pharmacology in JSS Medical College, Bangalore with key focus in anti inflammatory and oral anti biotic drugs. He is a board member of studies in the RGUHS. He has been appointed as a practical examiner for Pharmacology in the year 2006 MBBS examination in various colleges. He is also the member of Pharmacologists society of India.

Dr. Suresha has done close to 20 animal studies pertaining to inflammation, Diabetes and Toxicity. He was the Chief-Investigator in two anti-inflammatory, one toxicity and one anti-diabetic animal studies which designed and conducted. He is the member of several organizations and holds key positions in them. He is the Director of Central Animal Facility, JSS MC, Mysore. He is the Member Secretary of Animal Ethics Committee. He is the member of Institutional Ethics Committee.

He has presented papers at International, National and Regional Conferences. He was awarded with "Bharathia Chikitsaka Rathna" Award 2007. He has written Select chapters of the hand book on health professional education in 2008. He has given more than 50 guest lectures across India to academia and practicing physicians in anti-inflammatory, pain management and pharmacology.